KNVB hosts successful FIFA Executive Summit

  • 1:38

    KNVB hosts successful FIFA Executive Summit

  • 0:47

    Toto new name giver of KNVB Beker and golden cup

  • 1:37

    International referees honoured with FIFA badge

  • 3:25

    Netherlands convincing away win over Slovakia

  • 1:09

    Robben retires from Netherlands duty

  • 2:03

    KNVB Campus venue for international match

  • 1:23

    The Johan Cruyff Shield: the social football event of the year

  • 0:50

    ‘Dutch’ video refereeing in action at U20 World Cup

  • 1:01

    De Graafschap hold evening training session on the KNVB Campus

  • 1:57

    Discrimination cuts straight to your heart

At present, the KNVB is sponsored by eight major companies - all powerful A-brands aiming for the best, like the national Netherlands squad.

  • Nike
  • ING
  • KPN
  • Staatsloterij
  • Adecco
  • Coca Cola
  • PWC
  • Heineken

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