The management team of the KNVB Professional Football Association consists of three directors: Gijs de Jong (Director of Operations), Jean-Paul Decossaux (Commercial Director) and Ron Francis (Financial Director).

KNVB management are supported by executive secretary Mark Boetekees, who is also responsible for the KNVB Legal Affairs Department.The KNVB Amateur Football Business Unit is led by Jan Dirk van der Zee.

The KNVB Management and Board for Professional Football is accountable to Board of Commissioners for Professional Football. This supervisory board currently consists of Simon Kelder and Eric Mulder, and has its own regulations.

Professional football

Gijs de Jong

Director of Operations

Gijs de Jong, KNVB Director of Operations.

Born in the southern village of Asten in 1972, Gijs de Jong graduated in Public Administration from the University of Leiden before starting his career as an event manager and consultant at the Amsterdam ArenA stadium. In the autumn of 2003, he joined the KNVB as public affairs officer and coordinator for safety and security issues.

In 2010, De Jong was appointed manager of the KNVB Competitions Department, responsible for competition, security and disciplinary matters as well as refereeing and public affairs. Four years later, he joined KNVB Management and was tasked with competition matters, events and communications.

International roles

In addition to his work for the KNVB, De Jong has a number of international roles: he is UEFA delegate / FIFA match commissioner and member of the UEFA Stadium and Security Committee.

Gijs de Jong has a wife and three children and lives in Asten (Noord-Brabant province). In his spare time, he likes riding his racing bike, kicking a ball with his kids in the garden or enjoys a nice game of football in the stadium or on television.

Jean-Paul Decossaux 

Commercial Director

Jean-Paul Decossaux, Commercial Director.

Jean-Paul Decossaux (1963) studied Computer Science at the University of Leiden before taking up his first job as a management consultant for database consulting company DCE. After a few years, Decossaux specialised in marketing techniques, distribution models and co-branding principles with the banking and insurance markets as his primary focus.

In the 1990s, Jean-Paul Decossaux became the founder and managing partner of the Da Vinci Group, a medium-sized consultancy agency catering for this specific niche market. In 2002 he sold his organisation to join the KNVB as commercial affairs manager in 2014. His job was to redesign and expand the KNVB’s full sponsorship model.

The KNVB Supervisory Board appointed Decossaux to the post of Commercial Director as per 1 December 2009. He was appointed to the Board as Commercial Affairs Director as per 1 April 2010.

Jean-Paul Decossaux lives with his two daughters and wife in the village of Durgerdam, just north of Amsterdam. His hobbies include sailing, music and outdoor activities. Decossaux played for Haarlem football club KHFC until the age of 17.

Ron Francis

Financial Director

Ron Francis, Financial Director.

Ron Francis (1978) started work as an assistant accountant and management consultant with KPMG. Between 1996 and 2008, he completed several studies at Nyenrode Business University in the fields of accountancy, controlling and management. In addition, he followed an Executive Master in Finance and Control programme, which he completed with honours.

Ron Francis has been working within the KNVB’s professional football unit since 2001. He has held various positions such as controller, financial manager and manager of the KNVB’s staff departments which include the policy, licensing, and fiscal departments.

KNVB Expertise

In 2007, Ron Francis set up KNVB Expertise, a centre for research and knowledge management in professional football. The research centre is a collaboration between the Eredivisie, Dutch football employers' organisation FBO and the KNVB. The centre conducts scientific research and advises clubs on management issues.

In 2008 and 2009, Ron Francis was a member of the UEFA working group which, under the leadership of UEFA President Michel Platini, developed rules governing financial fair play in European professional football. Francis joined the Board as Financial Director on 1 July 2010. He is also chairman of the board of the Universitair Centrum Sportgeneeskunde (UCS), a collaboration between Utrecht University and the KNVB.

Ron Francis lives with his wife and two children in the northern Dutch province of Friesland, where he is also active in local politics. Francis has played recreational football for DCS and SDZZ in Zevenaar.

Mark Boetekees

Secretary of the Board

Mark Boetekees, Secretary of the Board.

Mark Boetekees (1973) has held the post of KNVB Executive Secretary for professional football since 1 April 2010. In that capacity, he is a member of the Board of Directors and heads the KNVB Legal and Licensing Departments as well as the Board Secretariat for professional football.

From November 2005 to April 2010, Boetekees served as director of the Federation of Professional Football Organisations (Dutch football employers' organisation FBO), focusing on restructuring this body and expanding its services. 

Football lawyer

Mark Boetekees studied Dutch law at Utrecht before starting his career at the KNVB as secretary of its appeals committee. He soon worked his way up from a professional football lawyer (1998) to head of the KNVB Legal Affairs Department (1999) and the position of Legal Affairs manager (2000) before joining the FBO in 2005.

Boetekees has a wife and daughter, and can be regularly found on the golf course. Every Sunday, he plays football with the SEC third (friends) team.

Amateur football

Jan Dirk van der Zee

Director Amateur Football

Jan Dirk van der Zee, Director of the Netherlands Amateur Football Association.

Jan Dirk van der Zee (1971) took up the post of Director of the Netherlands Amateur Football Association in April 2015.

Having been active as a player and volunteer with various clubs, Van der Zee knows the world of football inside out. He also has extensive administrative and management experience. In 1995 and 1996, Van der Zee was project manager with Vroom & Dreesmann department store. 

In 1996, he moved to C & A Netherlands where he held various management positions, before joining the trade organisation Mitex in 1998 as a manager tasked with internal restructuring. In 2001, Van der Zee became deputy director of Mitex and moved up to the position of director in 2003.

Meta Römers

Director of Operations for amateur football

Meta Römers, Director of Operations for amateur football.

Meta Römers joined the KNVB as Director of Operations for amateur football on January 1, 2016. Römers is responsible for the finances of the Amateur Football Unit, human resources and ICT. She is also tasked with the overall day-to-day management of the workforce.

Römers (45) previously worked with Randstad Netherlands where she held several management positions. In her free time, she coaches the E2 ‘pupils’ team of v.v. Haaften football club.

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