Mission and vision

Football to love, that’s what we’re committed to achieving, each and every day. To this end, we’re working with clubs, officials, coaches, players, public, partners and sponsors.

Why football to love? 

The KNVB sees it as a duty to make (and keep) football attractive, accessible and enjoyable to as many people as possible. A lot is going well in Dutch football. Every weekend, hundreds of thousands of football lovers enjoy playing or watching the game.

But there are also many things that could be better. We would like to counter negative trends such as aggression and violence on and around the pitches with the help of all concerned. Football is the number one national sport in the Netherlands and it should stay that way.

The fun factor counts most in football.

What is football to love?

Football that inspires, motivates and activates – that’s our ambition

Football to love is football that makes people proud. Proud of their own achievements, but also of what other people do. With clubs at the heart of society, connected with their community. It is football that distinguishes itself internationally by offering fresh perspectives on the game, and by having supporters who create a party atmosphere at every match.

Football to love means taking social responsibility, encouraging people to get the best out of themselves and others. It means involving people and connecting them, giving them the tools and opportunities to move forward. It’s football that inspires, motivates and activates, with the passion to build a bright future for the sport, the players and all football fans. In short: Football to love. That is the ambition that we want to share with as many people as possible, with the aim of achieving it together.

What does the KNVB want to achieve with this?

We want people to feel connected with football, whether they actively play the game or not. Our mission is to unite people in their enjoyment of the game, young and old. For each other, for the sport, for the future: Football to love.

Policy planFootball to love is the central idea in the 2014-18 KNVB policy plan. Read more about the policy plan (on Dutch website).

Annual reportsClick here for the KNVB annual reports (on Dutch website).

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