FAQ - Training & Meeting

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about Training & Meetings at the KNVB Campus.

Who is the KNVB Campus for?

Everyone is welcome at the KNVB Campus! The KNVB Campus is the place for national teams, trainers, coaches, referees, KNVB officials, clubs, sponsors and businesses. A place for everyone who loves football.

Where can I find the Training Centre and the Team Hotel?

On the edge of the central Dutch town of Zeist, adjacent to KNVB head offices, on the grounds of the KNVB Campus.

How can I contact the KNVB Campus?

KNVB Campus

Woudenbergseweg 56-58, 3707 HX Zeist, The Netherlands


How can I get specific booking information?

The KNVB Campus will be happy to send you free information.

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