Tournament information

You can find key information about the 2018 IFCPF European Championships in a nutshell below. Following are the answers to various questions including: what is CP-Football; how to reach the KNVB Campus; what's the structure of the organisation and what information is available to the media?

CP football is intended for players who have problems with balance or controlling their movements as a result of a brain lesion called Cerebral Palsy. Most of these football players have had a trauma at birth or acquired brain injury as a result of a stroke, brain infarct or tumour.

FIFA rules

The sport is played under FIFA rules with some modifications. These include a smaller pitch, a smaller number of players, elimination of the offside rule and permission for one-handed throw-ins.

The first official CP-Football match in the Netherlands took place 33 years ago. The national CP-Football squad was given the status of official KNVB team in 2005.

European champions


Fans and spectatorsWould you like to visit one of the European Championship matches? Click here for more information.

MediaClick here for more information.

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