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The KNVB's mission

The KNVB stands for courage, passion, creativity, connection and innovation in football. Our mission rests on five pillars: competitive balance, development & innovation, events, WorldCoaches and new rules of play.

The KNVB is widely recognised as one of the drivers of innovation. The introduction of the video assistant referee (VAR) is a good example of this. After extensive lobbying by the KNVB, the VAR was introduced successfully during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Refereeing decisions have always triggered discussion, but the overall conclusion must be that, by correcting clear errors and missed incidents, the VAR has helped make football fairer.

Another core objective is to make the game more reliable and inclusive, turning it into a focal point where people can meet and help each other - a united football landscape. The KNVB is laying the groundwork for this new football landscape with an open mind and innovative vision. To ensure the future of the game, football must be able to meet the requirements of today's generation and the next.

Five pillars

Together, we are committed to realising our ambitions, disseminating our vision and keeping Dutch football visible. We believe that we can help advance football by focusing on competitive balance, development & innovation, events, WorldCoaches  and new rules of play in the period to come. These are the five pillars of our mission. We’re doing this for everyone who loves the game.

Want to know more about us? Please contact KNVB Contact.