De Graafschap hold evening training session on the KNVB Campus

KNVB Media
KNVB Media
4 January 2017, 16:30

De Graafschap's evening training session on the KNVB Campus on Monday. - Photo: KNVB Media

Monday saw the first training session of a professional club on the grounds of the new KNVB Campus in Zeist. De Graafschap from the eastern Dutch town of Doetinchem will be using the new KNVB facilities until Wednesday.

Led by their new manager Henk de Jong, the side is hoping to find their way back to the top-flight Eredivisie. Halfway through the competition, De Graafschap take sixteenth place in the Jupiler League.

The disappointing ranking prompted the sacking of previous manager Jan Vreman. De Jong took over as his successor from 1 January. The former manager of SC Cambuur and other clubs will lead the training session for the first time in Zeist on Monday.

Henk de Jong’s first training session on Monday.

KNVB Campus

The KNVB Campus is the venue where teams can train, trainers receive education, referees hone their skills, managers hold meetings and injured players can recover. Since the campus opened its doors in September, the Netherlands Junior Team, the Orange Lionesses and several other sides have come to Zeist for a training camp.

Warm-up exercises on the KNVB Campus football pitch.

Plenty of choice for the entire selection at lunch-time.

A healthy meal in between training sessions.

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