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Competitive balance

The KNVB wants to keep international football as fair, sportsmanlike and attractive as possible.

Competitive balance must be protected internationally. How can we keep football as attractive and fair as possible? And how can we ensure that, as a relatively small football nation, we maintain our competitiveness?

Solidarity, integrity and protection of youth development are key to achieve this ambition. The KNVB protects the interests of Dutch football across national borders and in doing so cooperates with other associations, organisations and stakeholders. Within UEFA and FIFA, football’s European and world governing bodies, the KNVB is advocating among other issues:

  • Fair and enjoyable European competitions 

The KNVB has been championing a fairer structure of European club competitions for years, by increasing solidarity, allowing more clubs to participate and distributing TV earnings more effectively and fairly.


There should be more appreciation worldwide for associations and clubs that invest in youth training and talent development. We want clubs to be legally allowed to offer contracts of up to five years to youth players from the age of 15; this will ensure that they do not leave for just a training allowance. Youth players will have more certainty and clubs can demand a transfer fee later on - a win-win situation for everyone.

For more information, please contact:

Gijs de Jong

KNVB Secretary-General