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Match fixing

We stand for integrity in football, for a sport you can trust. Having clean competitions is our greatest asset. Matches should not be decided on the gambling market, but on the football field.

For this reason, we have decided to tackle match fixing head-on, by imposing a zero-tolerance policy. We have opted for a combined repressive and preventive approach comprising a wide range of actions and measures.

  • Tell us
    All KNVB members must report any signs of attempted match-fixing immediately. 
  • Hotline
    People who have seen something suspicious or have been directly or indirectly approached for fixing matches can report this (anonymously if desired) by phone on 0800-8475456.
  • Information
    Information is given to all referees to raise awareness of the problem. Since 2013-14, we have also provide this information to clubs.
  • Integrity Unit
    A specialized team has been set up to investigate reported incidents following an official request from the KNVB prosecutor or board. The unit has independent members and the same investigative powers as the KNVB prosecutor.
  • Tackling the roots
    The underlying factors of corruption need to be dealt with in order to make referees, players and coaches less vulnerable to blackmail. In terms of policy, priority will be given to the appointments of referees, the rules covering the pension fund for players and a monitoring system to ensure the timely payment of salaries.
  • Collaboration
    The KNVB is closely collaborating with UEFA and FIFA as well as independent experts to prevent and combat match fixing. Since 2009, all Eredivisie and Jupiler League match sheets have been sent immediately to UEFA for analysis by the Betting Fraud Detection System (BFDS).

No competition is immune

In September 2013, the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport published the results of an investigation into match fixing in the Netherlands. The report shows that match fixing is not present on a large scale in Netherlands but it is a problem. 

New gambling law

We call for a ban on gambling, betting or any other form of financial speculation on a specific subset of a game that can easily be influenced, such as goal kicks, corners, or yellow cards. We believe that, in addition to existing laws and regulations covering scams and fraud, a new gambling law would provide the legal tools to tackle match and spot fixing.