The KNVB’s international outlook

The KNVB has a strong international orientation, with the senior national team taking part in major tournaments and the association bidding to host European and World Championships to give Dutch fans home games and promote the Netherlands to the rest of the world.

Through UEFA and FIFA , the association contributes to proper arrangements for the future of football. Ambition, integrity and quality of play are the topics on which the KNVB tries to exert as much influence as possible.

On the international agenda

The KNVB makes its voice heard when it comes to major discussion points, such as term and age limits for FIFA officials, reforms of the ethics committee, the system of players’ agents and ‘Third-party ownership’.

The KNVB actively puts topics on the agenda, including human rights and working conditions in the run-up to major tournaments. The outcome is sometimes disappointing, but it can also be very satisfying.

International agendaInternationally the KNVB promotes several issues relating to good governance and the quality of the game.

Bidding for World Cups 2018 and 2022: clean bill of health?

One of the items for discussion at the 2014 FIFA Congress was the controversy surrounding the awarding of the World Cups 2018 and 2022 to Russia and Qatar respectively.

Euro 2020

Amsterdam will be one of the 13 cities across Europe to play host to matches during the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship. The Amsterdam ArenA will provide the stage for three group-stage games and a round of 16 tie. If the Netherlands qualify for the tournament, they will play at least two home matches during the group stage. The bid for four EURO 2020 matches was a joint initiative by the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Sport, the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam ArenA, Schiphol Group and the KNVB.
Euro 2020: Economic boostHosting UEFA EURO 2020 is expected to give a substantial boost to the economy.

UEFA Women’s EURO 2017

The Netherlands will host UEFA Women’s EURO 2017. The other bidding nations were Scotland, Poland, Austria and France. On 4 December 2014, UEFA announced that the Netherlands had won the bid to host the women’s European Championship finals in 2017.

UEFA Women's EURO 2017 For the first time in history, the Netherlands will play host to the women’s European Championship finals. The host cities will be Breda, Deventer, Doetinchem, Enschede, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Utrecht. 


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