International agenda

Delegates at the June 2014 FIFA Congress in São Paulo discussed the possible introduction of an age limit and/or a term limit for officials. A decision on the matter had been postponed in 2013 because no consensus could be reached between the FIFA Executive Committee and the confederations. 

Unfortunately, as no majority could be reached in São Paulo on any proposal relating to term or age limit, these issues will not return on the agenda.

"Very disappointing", commented KNVB President Michael van Praag. “I’m not really surprised, but disappointed. The KNVB believes in the code for good governance in sports and that should include a term limit without any doubt.”

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein (left) and KNVB President Michael van Praag (right) both entered the race to succeed FIFA President Sepp Blatter in 2015.

At the 2013 FIFA Congress, a number of decisions were taken on issues promoted by European associations in particular. These included Ethics Committee reforms, allowing the Congress to decide on the awarding of final tournaments and the introduction of an integrity check.

Quality control

To improve quality control of players’ agents, the KNVB attaches great importance to harmonising regulations at the European level. However, in 2013, the decision was taken to replace the system of players' agents by a system that has no collective examinations or universal standards, enabling associations to implement a number of guidelines independently. 

Players and clubs need to be able to make independent decisions

These cover several issues, including transparency about payments to intermediaries, a national registration system and established guidelines spelling out what intermediaries can and cannot do.
No further decisions on these matters were taken in 2014. Another controversial issue is third-party ownership (TPO), particularly in the more developed member countries. 

Third-party ownership

A dedicated working group fleshed out TPO proposals. The KNVB’s position on third-party ownership is straightforward: players and clubs need to be able to make independent decisions.

Third-party ownershipFIFA has banned third-party ownership in the broadest sense of the word from 1 May 2015.

At the time of the 2014 Congress, TPO involved around nine percent of global transfer fees. In addition, third-party ownership of players’ economic rights needs to be treated as a separate issue, distinct from financial arrangements in general.
These general arrangements should be allowed under strict conditions. Third parties should not be permitted to influence the timing of or the conditions for buying off a player’s contract. The KNVB will assess these conditions.

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