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Rinus now reaches 25,000 users per month

KNVB Media
KNVB Media
8 October 2020, 13:15

Rinus is very user friendly tool for all level of coaches. - Foto: KNVB Media

Since 2017, the KNVB has been offering a free online coaching platform called Rinus. It’s mainly designed to assist amateur football coaches. After its launch, Rinus has been growing steadily every year, from 10,000 users per month to more than 25,000 users per month in the previous season (2019/20). Within these three years, the Rinus app has been downloaded as many as 50,000 times.

Football in the time of COVID-19

Also during the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, Rinus proved to be able to meet the needs of both coaches and players. The online coaches platform offers online exercises which players can practice at home, but also corona-proof training forms for coaches. From April to June, Rinus provided more than 60,000 trainers with special COVID-proof exercises.

Rinus goes international

Outside the Netherlands, Rinus has not gone unnoticed in recent years either. Several football associations and confederations have shown an interest in using the online coaching platform in their countries as well. For this reason, the KNVB has teamed up with NMC Bright and Dotcomsport to see whether 'Rinus' can also be an interesting tool for football development in other countries. If Rinus turns out to be popular outside the Netherlands, the KNVB and its partners will offer their support to fellow football associations to help them implement 'Rinus'.

— Rinus offers a solid foundation for player development at all levels.

Supporting international football development

For the KNVB, the international cooperation with NMC Bright and Dotcomsport is the first step in its ambition to help other football associations develop the game in their countries. One way to do this is to implement tools that are developed internally within the KNVB, such as Rinus in this case, abroad in cooperation with other football associations. Any revenues generated by the use of Rinus outside the Netherlands will be earmarked to support the development of Dutch football.

What is 'Rinus'?

Every day, thousands of football coaches take to the pitch to train their players. Ranging from well-meaning parents to qualified coaches, these people make amateur football possible and are key to the development of emerging football talent. Rinus has been specially designed to cater for these coaches.

The online platform and the accompanying app offers them access to hundreds of exercises and ready-made training schedules at any time of the day. Rinus gives them the inspiration to teach their players – men, women, boys and girls - how to enjoy and improve their game.

Read more about Rinus

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