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The WorldCoaches programme is a KNVB initiative that closely collaborates with ministries, corporates and both social and local organisations. Through requests or by own initiative. The programmes mentioned below focus on a specific theme or on a particular target group.

Youth Employability, Leadership & Participation

The 'Arab Spring' has brought about major changes in the North African region and the Middle East. This programme focuses on young people in these countries, who have often been confronted with all kinds of new challenges in the aftermath of the revolution. These youngsters have little perspective; they face constant protests and conflict as well as high unemployment, especially among their age group. In these circumstances, football offers a structure in which young people can actively participate, in which they can develop leadership skills and life skills, which help them create better opportunities for themselves.

  • Country: Tunisia (possible expansion in the region)
  • Partnership: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Football offers a structure in which young people can actively participate.

Sport for Development

The Sport for Development programme is a collaboration between KNVB, International Sports Alliance and Right to Play in nine emerging countries. Their shared ambition is to improve the position of vulnerable citizens, in particular disadvantaged children, girls and women, by using the power of sport. The KNVB trains local coaches who work with children in their communities. The programme uses sports and life skills activities as tools in these communities to improve the health and personal development of young people, particularly girls.

  • Countries: Kenya, Mali, Egypt, Mozambique, South Africa, Indonesia, Suriname, Palestine, India
  • Partnership: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ISA, Right to Play

WorldCoaches ambassador Pierre van Hooijdonk during a clinic for South African children.

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