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Women’s KNVB Cup

In 1981, HSV Celeritas became the first club to win the Women’s KNVB Cup. Current joint-record holders with four titles are Fortuna Wormerveer and Saestum (Zeist).

During the 2015-16 season, 94 teams took part in the women’s cup competition: seven from the top-flight Eredivisie and 87 amateur teams from the three top leagues (Topklasse, Hoofdklasse and Eerste klasse).

After qualifying group matches, the competition enters a knock-out stage phase, with Eredivisie teams joining in from the Round of 16. ADO Den Haag has hosted the Women’s KNVB Cup final since 2015.

Women's KNVB Cup winners

2016ADO Den Haag
2015FC Twente
2013ADO Den Haag
2012ADO Den Haag
2010FC Utrecht
2009SV Saestum
2008FC Twente
2007Ter Leede
2006Fortuna Wormerveer
2005Oranje Nassau
2004SV Saestum
2002SV Braakhuizen
2001Ter Leede
2000Zwart Wit '28
1998SV Saestum
1997SV Saestum
1995DVC Den Dungen
1994DVC Den Dungen
1992Ter Leede
1991KFC '71
1990KFC '71
1987KFC '71
1984VV Flevo
1983Puck Deventer
1981HSV Celeritas

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