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Just Spee elected to UEFA Executive Committee

KNVB Media
KNVB Media
20 April, 13:30

KNVB President Just Spee has been elected to the Executive Committee of the UEFA. - Foto: UEFA

KNVB President Just Spee has been elected to the Executive Committee of European football's governing body UEFA. The announcement was made in Montreux, where UEFA gathered today for its 45th Congress. Spee follows in the footsteps of Michael van Praag, who resigned from the Executive Committee after three terms.

“Before the vote, I had a good feeling that I would be elected to ExCo. That feeling was based on our campaign, in which we spoke extensively with almost all member associations. Now, I am just very happy and relieved that it has all worked out,” said Spee.

“First and foremost, we are doing football a great service by joining the discussions about the game at the highest levels. This is illustrated by recent developments, if you study the European Super League initiative. Our Dutch football deserves a voice in UEFA and, fortunately, the other members of UEFA agree with us. Secondly, I am happy for my KNVB team, who have done a lot of work, under the leadership of Secretary General Gijs de Jong, to make this campaign a success''.

The KNVB president has his work cut out within the UEFA Executive committee, where the Super League is set to dominate the agenda for some time to come. “It is a difficult issue, a revolutionary idea, which a very large part of the European football community is not exactly waiting for. What we have to do is try to restore unity. For the KNVB, the basic principle is that the football ecosystem and with it a fair playing field remain guaranteed. We will work on that. But for now, I will just enjoy our campaign and its ultimate result. The KNVB, on behalf of Dutch football, will continue to make its voice heard within UEFA Executive Committee. I would like to thank my predecessor Michael enormously for all his work in the past twelve years. The chorus of appreciation for him comes from all over Europe and I would like to join them.”

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