Toto new name giver of KNVB Beker and golden cup

KNVB Media
KNVB Media
12 January 2018, 21:00

The golden KNVB Beker trophee unveiled at Zeist headquarters - Photo: KNVB Media

A golden KNVB cup was unveiled at a festive ceremony in Zeist held on Friday, exactly 100 days before the 100th final of the KNVB Beker Final, often referred to as the Dutch Cup. The golden award will be handed to the winner of this year’s final in Rotterdam’s De Kuip Stadium.

In addition, the TOTO football pools, part of the Dutch State Lottery, announced that they will extend their contract with the KNVB and lend their name to the tournament up to and including 2022. As a result, the KNVB Beker competition will be called TOTO KNVB Bekertoernooi.

The Dutch State Lottery has been contributing to Dutch football for many years

KNVB commercial director Jean-Paul Decossaux said: "The KNVB is very pleased with the contract extension with the Dutch State Lottery up to and including 2022. The co-naming sponsorship of the TOTO KNVB Beker is a fine extension of previous contracts with Staatsloterij and TOTO. Dutch Lottery has been contributing to Dutch football for many years with its revenues. By extending the contract, we are striving to make football in the Netherlands benefit even more from the collaboration between the KNVB and TOTO in particular."

Proud main sponsor

Arno de Jong, marketing director of Dutch Lottery: "TOTO has been the main sponsor of the KNVB since 2009 and is now also the name sponsor of the TOTO KNVB Beker. TOTO and football are inextricably linked. This is not only because the TOTO pools was an initiative of the KNVB back in 1957, but mainly because TOTO, like many people in this country, is a big fan of Dutch football. Moreover, all the excitement that the TOTO KNVB Beker competition brings with it fits perfectly with TOTO."

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