Innovation partners

Here is a list of innovation partners who have committed themselves strategically to the KNVB Campus. These parties are using the KNVB Campus for innovation activities and are actively investing in innovation processes.

Innovation partners

Inmotio Inmotio Read more about Inmotio. Philips Lighting Philips Lighting Read more about Philips Lighting.

PiCompany PiCompany Read more about piCompany. SciSports SciSports Read more about SciSports Ten Cate Ten Cate Read more about Ten Cate.

Sports Labs Sports Labs Read more about Sports Labs.

Kybys Kybys Read more about Kybys.

BSN Medical BSN Medical Read more about BSN Medical.

Mline Mline Read more about Mline.

GITP GITP Read more about GITP.


If you want to become an Innovation Partner, please contact Daphne van Dijk.

Daphne van Dijk

Community Manager #11


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