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Football with passion and innovation

The KNVB stands for courage, passion, creativity, connection and innovation in football. We have the ambition to strengthen and further redevelop the game, together with the international football community, to create pure and powerful football with an innovative vision that extends far into this century.

‘Noblesse oblige’ - The KNVB is keenly aware of its responsibilities as one of the founders of FIFA. In 1904, the World Football Association was jointly established in Paris by the Belgian, French, German, Danish, Swedish and Swiss associations and a delegation from Real Madrid. For well over a century, the KNVB has helped develop football into the sport we all know and love. And it will continue to pursue its mission to make football even better.

National team

For example, the Dutch national team reminds everyone that something authentic remains untainted in the beautiful game. The prevailing sentiment: "We are orange and we have the most creative players. We dare to take risks and play with character." We play to win but prefer to win in a beautiful style, because it’s the only way to write history. Our national side seeks to dominate and inspire, and never settles for less. Dutch players also bring that mentality to their clubs. With a distinctive offensive playing style, our small country often shines in European and World Championships.

Players and League

Dutch footballers are known for their technical skills and their ability to play in various positions. They’re the engineers of the game, going for creativity, speed and power, sharing a single mindset: to win in a beautiful way.

Hailing from various clubs playing in the national top-flight competition, the Eredivisie, they’re the personification of the Total Football values that Dutch football has always prided itself on. Most of our (future) legends are active in a European competition, where they rule and master the game. Age ain’t a factor; good enough is old enough.



where it all starts

Football is the absolute number 1 sport within the Netherlands; players start at a very young age. We don’t care where we play the game; in the school yard, in front of our house or at well-structured clubs. Football is part of our culture and daily life. Our club life is perhaps the foundation of our success – this is what makes us different from the rest, probably the main differentiating factor.

Youth academies—structured by clubs—across the Netherlands are the main suppliers of talent and the backbone of our football culture. These institutes, where schooling and training go hand in hand, are visited by clubs from all over the world. They all have one thing in common: developing future legends.

Talents will become professionals, each with their own player characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd. These talents are active in the best football leagues nationwide, organised by the Dutch Football Federation. By us, the KNVB.

World class coaches leading the way

The KNVB is servicing 3,300 amateur clubs and over 1.2 million members. Our football landscape is unique in the world. It’s the sport of our nation.

We are not the biggest federation in the world, but our contribution to the game is impressive. Key to this is education, innovation and a continuous focus on youth and coach development. KNVB officials are pushing boundaries to get the best out of Dutch football.

The federation has an imposing track record: co-developing Total Football; creating a structure for women’s football; initiating the VAR; and educating several world class coaches like Rinus Michels, Johan Cruyff, Guus Hiddink, Louis van Gaal, Ronald Koeman and Sarina Wiegman. The KNVB shows leadership through innovation, and facilitates the ideal player and coach pathway with only one purpose: everyone in the world is entitled to play football.

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